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ultimate call control and interactive voice response solution! let callers press keys to transfer thier call or play a quiz/joke with them.like a corporate telephony in your phone!


flexible and versatile call control solution! interactive voice call master's unique callers classification feature can let you divide incoming callers into three groups: callers on phonebook/list, callers not on phonebook/list, and hidden callers (those who conceal phone number). then you can assign one of five responses to each group. possible responses includes: accept, interactive voice scenario, busy tone, mute the ringer andreject+send sms.

personal corporate telephony in your smartphone! if you chose interactive voice scenario (ivoice) as a response to one group. it will answer callers of this group automatically and play a greeting first, then wait callers to press keys to choose the "extension number" to be transferred or to leave a voice message, etc... looks like you own a personal corporate telephony!

furthermore, 'ivoice' can play quizzes or interactive jokes with your specified friends when they are calling you! or play a happy birthday tune to your girl or boy friend when her or he is calling on birthday, then rings to prompt you a incoming call is waiting.

possible applications of interactive voice call master are unlimited, the only limitation is your imagination! there are so many exciting features wait you to discover. what are you waiting for? get it today and enjoy the efficiency and entertainment of piloting incoming calls!

what you get

• flexible, versatile incoming call control solution
you can divide incoming callers into three groups: callers on phonebook/list (you have to define the list in advance), callers not on phonebook/list and hidden callers (those who conceal phone number). ivcm can respond each group by one of following responses accordingly:

interactive voice response (ivoice)
send busy tone
mute the ringer
reject + send the sms texts that you defined

powerful interactive voice scenario (ivoice)
a interactive voice scenario is a various combination of six different actions. possible actions include:

key tone submenu
leave a voice message
transfer to a predefined phone number
transfer to up to 3 predefined phone numbers
play ringing tone
return to upper menu

you can assign one of six actions to a phone key from 0 to 9, # and *. when callers press a key, the relative action will respond automatically. choose action "key tone submenu" will unfold a new submenu that contains 12 new keys. so you can assign actions continuously.

ivcm is shipped with 3 predefined 'ivoice' examples: "ex. answer machine", "ex. corporate telephony" and "ex. happy birthday". you can try the functions of 'ivoice' with the three examples and you are free to modify or delete them. of course, you can add new 'ivoices' as you wish. there is no limit on how many 'ivoices' can be created.

when you try the examples, on occasion you will find the action 'play ringing tone' causes noisy echo. it's because the phone of caller and receiver are too closer (within 10 meters or 33 feet), this situation shouldn't happen in real life normally.

• various features to help you work easily

tight integration with phone book feature help you to create customized lists easily
sms templates help you to create sms texts easily
voice message box help you to replay messages and call back to original callers easily

• real-time incoming calls dialog monitoring and interception

by listening or looking at dialog view, you can monitor the dialog of a 'ivoice' answered call secretly. furthermore, you can take over or reject the call anytime even when 'ivoice' is still in action.

• complete parameters can be tailored to your preference

adjustable parameters like:

auto-run at power-on
show indicator when running
delay before 'ivoice' answer
per call transfer timeout
auto hanging up timeout after call transferred
ringing timeout
and much more...

main features
very fast and reliable key tone (dtmf) recognition engine that can work very well under a noisy environment
ultra-fast incoming call number recognition and search engine. it can determine a incoming caller whether on phonebook or a list within a part of a second, even phonebook/list contains thousands of contacts
flexible, versatile incoming call control solution
powerful interactive voice scenario (ivoice) feature
tight integration with phone book
real-time incoming call dialog monitoring by listening and/or looking at dialog view
take over or reject a 'ivoice' answered call anytime when 'ivoice' is still in action
auto run at power-on
show an indicator on phone and menu screen when running

user guide

user guide is already packed into the download file. you can still get it at http://www.mobisophy.com/ivcm/ivcm_userguide.pdf

devices supported
nokia 6600/6620/7610/6670/6260/3230/6630/6680/6681
panasonic x700/x800

important notice

due to a hardware limitation of nokia 6620 and panasonic x700/x800, these devices can't play or record sound when a phone call is proceeding. this limitation prevents 'ivoice' feature from working properly.

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